How To Reduce Timber Waste When Building Your Timber Deck

You can save on your timber by reducing waste by 80% Talk with a decking specialist

You may have been told that you need to allow 10-15% timber waste when building your deck… and other suppliers will happily add this to your bill.

However, there is another option…

What creates timber waste in decking?

The reason for timber waste in traditional decking is that any time you need to join two sections of board, the join needs to be done on a joist.

This creates two wasteful issues:

  1. Timber gets wasted in needing to cut lengths to ensure each join is done on a joist
  2. Time is wasted to cut boards to appropriate lengths to ensure they span the joists exactly

At Deck-Max, we’d rather you get more great quality timber on your deck… without the waste and without any compromise in finish, strength and longevity.


Imagine if you could reduce this waste and create a better deck?

End-Match solves the problem of decking timber waste

You can now significantly reduce waste and the installation time of your timber deck, with Deck-Max End Matching. This is a patented Australian invention, allowing you to join boards anywhere on the sub frame, enabling you to use the full length of each board almost every time!

This dramatically reduces timber waste by over 80%, down to only 2%… or less. In fact, we regularly hear from builders who achieve 1-3% timber waste on their decking projects and save 30% of the labour costs in the process.

reduce decking timber waste

How Does End-Matching reduce timber waste

The secret to how these savings are achieved is the End-Match fastening system, combined with pre-grooved boards. The boards themselves are pre-grooved to internal flooring standards of +/- 0.2mm, ensuring consistently high quality fastening can be achieved.

The following video shows how to install End-Match and the superior decking finish it produces.

Would you like more info on using End-Match to reduce the wastage for your decking project?

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