3 Keys To Maximise The Value of Your Timber Deck

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Getting the best value solution for your timber deck

Adding a timber deck to your Melbourne home doesn’t need to be complicated. There are a few simple ways to ensure you get the very best value and the right solution for your deck.

The 3 Keys To Getting the Best Timber Deck

1 – Timber selection

Getting the right timber for your deck is a big key to the value and enjoyment you’ll get from your outdoor living space. If you select a lower quality or unsuitable timber, it can cup, warp and twist all the fun out of your deck.

How do you find the right timber?

Firstly, make sure you’re picking a timber that’s suitable for the type of deck you’re building and the area you live in.

Ensuring you only use timber that has been kiln dried can help you prevent many issues. Only use timber that carries certification of kiln drying for the best results.

Additionally, not all timbers are equal… as the demand for some timbers has increased, so has the amount of timber that is sourced from illegal harvesting. Deck-Max only supplies timber from government regulated harvesting, backed by certification of origin. This protects you and the environment, ensuring you have the best quality timber, from sustainable sources.

Unsure about which timber is right for your deck?

You can see more on our timber options page, or contact one of our specialists for assistance.

2 – Fastening solution

You may have seen older decks with cracked or popped boards, perhaps even seen some protruding nails, and wondered how you could avoid that happening to your new deck.

The good news is that you can eliminate the problems associated with nails or screws by using the Deck-Max secret fastening system. In addition to allowing you to enjoy the full beauty of your timber deck, it also enables you to construct a stronger deck that is faster to install and easier to maintain.

To find out more about your fastening options, check out the hidden fasteners page or enquire here to talk with one of the team.

3 – Installation options

When it comes to installation, you have a few options… do it yourself, or have it done for you.
If you’re doing the installation, either as DIY project or as a professional builder using secret fixings for the first time, Deck-Max can assist with the right advice and demonstration videos.

Your installation needs to take into account your local building codes and factors such as ground proximity and location.

Professional builders/carpenters, can also gain additional support through our Pro-Builder program.

To have your installation done for you, Deck-Max has specialist installers in your area to ensure your deck is built professionally and efficiently. To find a Deck-Max installer in your area, click here.

Your quality decking solution

To get the very best for your timber decking project, Deck Max is here to help.

Our decking specialists are ready to assist with all the requirements for your decking project. So whether you’re embarking on a first time DIY project, or have designed and built hundreds of decks, to maximise the value and enjoyment of your deck, contact the Deck-Max team now.

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