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For a safer, feet friendly deck, with unspoilt beauty Get a quote for nail free decking

Avoid the pain of tripping over a nail or popped board…

…With nail free decking where that can never happen.

The Deck-Max hidden fastening solution

You can now avoid the unnecessary pain of exposed nails or screws, popped or cracked boards forever!

Thanks to the Deck-Max patented hidden fastening system, your deck will be safer for the feet of you and your family, through nail free decking that eliminates the need to fasten your boards with nails or screws.

This enables you to enjoy a timber deck that is unspoilt by the many screws and nails that are visible on traditional decking.

All you’ll see is your beautiful timber deck

How does nail free decking work?

By fastening your decking by grooves in the sides of your boards, the top surface of your deck is kept free of any surface fixings.

Deck-Max has nail free solutions either using your own timber or pre-grooved timber supplied by us. To discuss the right solution for your project, contact our decking specialists.

nail free decking

Why Get Nail Free Decking?

  • Stronger
    Up to 400% stronger than using nails or screws. Through our patented system, you benefit from fixings that are proven through independent testing to deliver superior fastening strength, providing peace of mind that your deck will last and look great for years to come.
  • Easier to sand/resurface
    With an uninterrupted top surface, sanding to prolong the life of your deck is both simple and effective. Imagine being able to bring your deck back to a brand new finish in 7 years without having to replace a single board!
  • Avoid the risk of cracked boards
    Drilling or hammering nails through boards can lead to cracking, making your board unusable. Now you can eliminate this risk.
  • No more popped boards
    If you’ve ever tripped over a raised board, you’ll know how annoying and painful this is. Going nail free will help keep your deck level and smooth.
  • It looks better
    With hidden fastenings, your view of your timber decking is unspoilt by unsightly screws or nails.

For the maximum enjoyment and longevity of your timber deck, use nail free decking from Deck-Max!

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