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Forrest Light Timber

To create the natural Australian charm of coastal forest on your deck, Forrest Light is a quality option derived from three hardwoods of the same class and colour. The timbers for Forrest Light are Tallowwood, Yellow Stringybark and Blackbutt.

Featuring a light array of sandy golden browns, this timber decking has a way of enhancing the perceived decking space, creating an elegantly spacious feel.

As a lighter timber, your choice of coating will be particularly influential on the end colour achieved, with many choosing oil coatings with tones that showcase the elegantly fine grain that is a key characteristic of Forrest Light’s charm.

The finish of this timber is further enhanced by using the Deck-Max hidden fastening solution, providing an uninterrupted view of your class 1 timber decking.


Preparation of Forrest Light

Your long term appreciation of your Forrest Light decking is ensured by a thorough and deliberate preparation process. Carefully selected from regulated forestry areas, the initial boards are rough sawn in oversized dimensions and only finished to their final sizing after a careful process of kiln and air drying processes.

The kiln drying allows the core moisture of the timber to be reached accurately, preventing warping and twisting of the boards. Alternating this process with air drying, maximises the balance of moisture levels, to provide sustained straightness of each board.

Further benefits are then achieved by pre-grooving the Forrest Light boards for the Deck-Max Pro hidden fastening system. In addition to the benefits of a decking surface that is unspoilt by exposed fixings, this also makes the boards faster to install, with greater strength. Combining this with the End Match system also provides a valuable 80% reduction in waste during installation.

Technical details:

Sizing: 19mm x 90mm, with varied lengths

Fixings: Pre-grooved for Deck-Max “Pro” biscuit (3mm or 5mm gap settings) and End Match

Tolerance: +/- 0.2mm

Grain: Fine and even grain. Straight and light / typical markings of the Australian borer (Lyctus) – leaving small black pin holes as features.

Colour: Blonde hardwood, golden yellow to light brown, some black pin hole markings. You have the tone variation in this as all Aussie hardwoods do

Hardness: Janka rating 8.5

Durability: high, class 1 hardwood, termite resistant to AS 3660

Your Options for Forrest Light

Want to know more about this timber for your decking project? Our decking specialists can assist with any queries on suitability, coating options, fastening and installation.

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